Friday, 12 June 2015

The lion King


  1. Malo e lelei Sylvia,

    Thank you for your infographic about the Lion King cast winning this award. I have never heard of the circle of life award so this was new to me. I like to learn new things. Do you?

    Mrs Krausse

  2. Hi Miss Krausse
    I love to learn new things all the time because that is why I come school. In the movie the Lion King there is song that is called the Circle of Life. I also found the information on this website called kiwi kids news. (here is the link to it ) The Broadway cast of the Lion King won an award for best song performance in Broadway at the 2014 Helpman awards.

  3. Current Events
    Kia Ora Sylvia
    Wow! I like the way you have set out your presentation because it is so colorful and you can see the words nice and clearly. I also think that your presentation has a lot of facts.For who ever is reading your Current Events would be able to tell their friends or family something about the Lion King that they didn’t know.
    From Alicia

  4. Talofa lava Sylvia
    I really like the bright colours on your Current events summary. I like your post about the lion king because I always watch the lion king. I also like your Current event because it has a lot of information about The Lion King Circle of Life Award. From Isabell

    1. Malo e lei lei Isabell
      Thanks for the comment I love watching the Lion King too. I get emotional when Mufasa dies. Thank you for the feedback I got the colour on the bucket for the background colour. Have you used one of the colours that I’ve used?

    2. Bula Vinaka Sylvia
      Your welcome Sylvia. Good to hear you love watching the Lion king. So sad you get emotional sometimes, that happens to me when he dies. Yes Sylvia, I’ve used one of the colors you used. The color I’ve used is cyan. What's your favorite color to use in your presentation.
      From Isabell

    3. Hello Isabell
      My favourite colour to use is pink, because pink is my favourite colour. My least favourite part in the Lion King is when Scar and Simba fight but my favorite part is the start. What is your least favorite part and your favorite part?


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