Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Reporting live from the 2015 RWC

Reporting live from the 2015 RWC

Reporter:Reporting live from the rugby world cup the amazing  game has just finished with the All blacks just winning with the score of 34. Over here we  have Richie Mccaw,  How do you feel winning the game again,  Richie: well I just want to thank all my teammates for participating with me but I feel so proud you know it is just not about winning it’s about representing my country, my family and my people. Reporter: Well  say Richie let’s head over here to Dan Carter,Dan how do you being nominated for man of the tournament. Dan: well it is a privilege to be nominated but I feel very grateful and I am so proud to be in a team like this because they are also like my family. Reporter: wonderful dan, a boy has just got tackled from a security guard and very generous SBW has just given him his gold medal, you are very a generous man  how do you feel  just giving away your giving away your gold medal. SBW:well i felt really sorry for him so picked and took him back and as I was walking back with him he picked up my medal so I just gave it him. Reporter: What a generous man he is,  well it’s time’s up for us but make sure you stay tuned for some more  sports news.

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    I really enjoyed the interview. This is a very creative and fun way to write a report I would like to try this style of writing. Well Done!


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